Springtime Diatomaceous Earth for Dogs

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• Microscopically sharp edges of the diatoms pierce the flea's protective coating, so they dehydrate and die
• Works great on bedding, furniture, and carpet
• Chemical and poison free
• Easy to use—sprinkle directly onto pet and/or to exposed living spaces (e.g., carpet, bedding, etc.)
• Great in conjunction with Springtime Bug Off Garlic for ongoing year-round support


Sprinkle directly on your dog's coat, taking care to avoid the eyes and nose. Using your hands, work into the fur and onto the skin underneath, focusing on areas where fleas may try to hide. It is okay to leave Diatomaceous Earth for dogs on your dog for up to 48 hours before bathing. If used on carpet, bedding, or furniture, Diatomaceous Earth can be vacuumed up after 48 hours, taking care to avoid dust.


he Ultimate One-Two Punch for Combating Fleas

1) Eradicate existing fleas by rubbing your dog's coat and living spaces with a generous amount of Diatomaceous Earth for dogs (avoid nose & eyes).
2) Prevent future flea infestations with Diatomaceous Earth for dogs and Bug Off Garlic.

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