Frozen Beef Marrow Bones

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Call it a soup bone, Call it a marrow bone - as long as you give a dog one. Frozen marrow bones are a great way to treat boredom and anxiety. Chewing one of these can clean your dogs teeth and provide healthy yummy marrow. A nice meaty bone is a wonderful companion to your dog's diet.

But, with great chewing comes great responsibility. Know your dog and it's chewing habits. Pick a bone that your dog will not try and swallow. Raw bones are great for most dogs, but not all of them.

For puppies, try a nice meaty cut as their teeth may not be strong enough for shank or knuckle cuts.

For a healthy adult dog, most varieties are good as long as it is a safe size and you can monitor your dog. Typically discard a bone that has been cleaned of meat and start fresh.

We feel strongly against feeding multiple dogs bones at once. Not a great idea, if you don't know your dog's carnivorous habits.

Yes. Opinions vary on the topic of raw bones, we at Crate & Marrow encourage you to research and please decide as to what is best for YOUR Dog. 

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