Dog In The Woods Reflective Dash

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The Blaze Orange Dash is constructed of USA made ANSI rated 250 denier coated nylon.  5/8" wide reflective heat sealed to grossgrain ribbon is made here in the USA just for Dog in the Woods.  Like all of our Dash line there is a single cord stop adjustment and the vest is designed to be worn with the cheveron point either down the back of your pet or over the chest.   The heavy duty nickel plated snap and hook and loop closure provides a secure fit but it is designed to pull off freeing the animal from being caught in a barb wire fence or by an animal for instance.  Once adjusted the DW Dash can be simply pulled on or off over the dogs head.  Simple, no straps to attach or adjust.  Each vest is hand sewn and our new sizing chart provides a fit for every size dog. 


When choosing the correct size for your Doginthe Woods Vest, keep in mind that pets of the same breed may differ in size based on weight, age, stature, or mix of breeds.  For dogs with a short heavy neck or big chest, the "long" sizes add an extra 2 inches of fabric circumference but have the same width as the primary size.  We will assist you until you have a proper fit every time.

Vest Size                Inches (collar size)      Weight                     Suggested Breeds

extra small                 11-13                     9-14 lbs                       Jack Russell, Pomeranian

small                         13-15                     15-25 lbs                      Pug, Beagle, Bichon, Fox Terrrier

small long                  14-16                     25-40 lbs                      Basset Hound

medium                     15-20                     40-60 lbs                      Australian Sheppard, Boxer

medium long              18-22                     60-90 lbs                      Border Collie

large                          20-23                     80-130 lbs                    Labrador, German Shep, Husky

large long                   22-25                     130-150 lbs                   Female Leonberger           

extra large                  24 +                       over 150 lbs                 Male St Bernards, Pyrenees

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