Buckaroo's Stew: Warming Topper for Dogs

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Buckaroo's Stew Warming Formula is a whole food blend of dehydrated and freeze-dried food formulated on the Ayurvedic principles of warming and balancing foods, to be added on top of your dog's meals.

Buckaroo’s Stews are dog food toppers™ designed to be added to kibble, raw food, canned food, and home cooked food, and can be hydrated by adding water or broth.

This warming formula is perfect for chilly winter days or for older dogs throughout the year. The specific blend provides variety to your dog's diet, supports the various populations of the gut microbiota, and satisfies the innate canine curiosity of new tastes and smells. These dehydrated meals include ingredients for nourishing a healthy digestive system, digestible protein and all the essential amino acids for dogs. Additional warming and balancing foods include chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, almond flour, carrots, blueberries, barley grass, oregano leaf, and papaya.

Research has shown that by varying and rotating foods and kibble formulas, we can reduce food allergies in dogs, and also lessen the picky eater syndrome.

12.7 oz bucket includes 30 large dog servings.
Scoop Included.

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Buckaroo’s stew
Written by Michelle on Dec 28th 2019

I bought this as a supplement to my dog’s kibble. I still feed fresh fruits and vegetables when able but use this most of the time. I moisten the recommended amount with water and add as a topper. He seems to really like it and eats his kibble better when this is added. I will try the cooling formula during the summer to change it up a bit.

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