Buckaroo's Stew: Cooling Topper for Dogs

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Buckaroo's Stew Cooling Formula is a blend of freeze-dried and dehydrated whole food to be added on top of your dog's meals."Toppers"™ are designed to be added to kibble, raw food, canned food, or home cooked food, and can be re-hydrated by adding water or broth.

Buckaroo's Stew Cooling Formula is perfect for hot summer days or for dogs that are very active throughout the year. This blend supplies the Ayurvedic balancing and cooling foods that provide variety to your dog's diet, support the various populations of the gut microbiota, and satisfy the innate canine curiosity of new tastes and smells. 

The formula includes freeze-dried ingredients such as peas, which provide fiber, B complex vitamins, and vitamins C and K. Also included are chia seeds which have a high content of Omega 3 fatty acids and are a good source of fiber for dogs. Additional cooling foods include whole egg powder, alfalfa meal, butternut squash, coconut, broccoli, kale powder, mangos, apples, mint leaf, and celery.

Research has shown that by varying and rotating foods and kibble formulas, we can reduce food allergies in dogs, and also lessen the picky eater syndrome.

12.7 oz bucket includes 30 large dog servings.
Scoop Included. 

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